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Sur les traces d'Alto, pour ne pas laisser leur histoire mourir avec eux !
In the tracks of Alto, not to let their story die with them !

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Lockheed P-38 Lightning


In the year 1937 wishes the US Air Force to equip itself with an increased firepower at the same time in terms of blitz to surface and support. It also searches a plane able to fly very high.

American firm Lookheed brings into play many money (about 6 millions Dollars) only to begin the project studying and gets American army's support.

Lookheed develops an interceptor fighter-bomber and the first epitome is constructed in the year 1939. Powerfully armed and able to move about 2 000kg of bombs has this fighter the distinctive feature to be the first twin motor with two tail booms fighter.

The from now named P-38 "Lightning" possesses an important scope of action. That allowed it to execute deep blitz but it however stays on the less teachable of classis fighters.

Many versions of this plane were produced during the Second World War notably reconnaissance aircrafts with cameras instead of munitions.


P-38 L technological specifications

Motorization 2 x 1475 horsepower V1710.111/113 online Allison
Maximum speed 666km/h at 7 620m
Practical ceiling 13 411 m
Scope of action 3 637 km
Net weight 5 806 kg
Net weight 4 510 kg
Full load weight 7 938 kg
Wingspan 15,85 m
Length 11,53 m
Height 2,99 m

1 x 20mm Hiispano cannon, 4 x 12,7 Browning machine-guns and up to
4 000 pounds bombs (or 10 x 12,7cm rockets)


Although it were produced in medium measure, turned the P-38 an amazed suppleness out. In the Pacific Ocean were it the allied fighter that destroyed most of Japanese fighters. With its powerful munitions and its two about 1500 horsepower Allison motors, were the Lightning a terrifying weapon all the more so it could go higher than Japanese fighters.


Project carried out by the 3rdA of Casinca's school pupils (2007-2008 school year) "On the tracks of Alto, not to leave their story dying with them"

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