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Sur les traces d'Alto, pour ne pas laisser leur histoire mourir avec eux !
In the tracks of Alto, not to let their story die with them !

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Carte de la Corse avec Alto indiqué

ALTO CORSICA 42° 27' 00" N. 09° 31' 35" E.

Co-Ordinates :   42° 27’ 00” N.
   09° 31’ 35” E.
ALTITUDE : 70 feet
MAG. Variation :     5° 04’ W. (1944)   
Annual change :   8’ E.
MAP Reference :    G.S.G.S. 4398. CORSICA (1:50,000) Shett 5, Borgo
  Grid reference : 320365ting Cock et le 66th FS Exterminator.
Local position : 18 miles S. of Bastia on the East coast. Folelli
And Landmarks: village and large mill at SW. corner. Alto River lies 1000 yds. To the South
Obstructions :   Power line below 1-50 glide angle to N., 0° glide angle to S.


Surface: Semi-all weather. Good drainage. Boundary markers.

Circle marked ‘ALT’ at NE. corner of runway

Runways :

One piereed steel plank runway with compacted earth and gravel base. N/S 200 yds

  2 picreed steel plank aprons connected by taxi-track to runway
  A perimeter track encircles the runway and dispersal areas
Facilities : (a) Fuel and Oil : Fuel tank fed by pipeline
  (b) Water : Main water supply
  (c) Telephone W/T.  etc. :  U.S. Army Signal Corps installations
U.S. Army Met. Station at Bastia

Emplacement de la base ALTO


Carte IGN 4349 OT TOP 25
VESCOVATO Castagniccia
1:25 000

Emplacement actuel du collège de la Casinca
Au Nord-Est : le 64th Fighter Group
AU Sud-Est : le 65th Fighter Group
Au Sud-Ouest : le 66th Fighter Group
Au Nord-Ouest : l'escadrille française La Fayette

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ALTO CORSICA 42° 27' 00" N. 09° 31' 35" E.
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Project carried out by the 3rdA of Casinca's school pupils (2007-2008 school year) "On the tracks of Alto, not to leave their story dying with them"

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