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Sur les traces d'Alto, pour ne pas laisser leur histoire mourir avec eux !
In the tracks of Alto, not to let their story die with them !

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Corsica at Alto time

Old photographies of Corsica in 1944

Camps d'Alto Folelli-Corse

The Alto Camp. Here is the 65th Fighter Group officers' club. April1944

Embouchure de l'Alto Folelli-Corse

The 65th Fighting Group "Officers' Beach Club" at the mouth of the Alto' river. May 1944

65th Squadron Alto

The 65th Squadron Area at Alto' Airfield. July 1944.

Mont Sant'Angelo Alto-Corse

Alto's base in 1944. Background he Sant'Angelo's mountain (a woman's breast).

North of Ajaccio during a trip in a hotel-restaurant in 1944.

Village corse 1944

Corsican hinterland – Summer 1944.


Bastia 1944

Bastia and the sea front in 1944.

Corte 1944 Corse

Corte (center of the island) in 1944


Vizzavona pont Eiffel Corse 1944

On the road to Vizzavona and the Eiffel's bridge.

Monument Bastia 1944 A monument in Bastia in 1944.


Project carried out by the 3rdA of Casinca's school pupils (2007-2008 school year) "On the tracks of Alto, not to leave their story dying with them"

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